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How to clean/care for your horse riding boots

We are often asked 'how long will my boots last?' Our answer is simple: it depends how you look after your boots and how you take care of them!

Care is an essential part of prolonging the life of all your leather goods, especially your riding boots, as their use is normally harder than your shoes, due to the fact they are subjected to different weather exposure, sweat and dust, for example.

Here are some simple - yet vital - steps to help you clean your leather riding boots, leather chaps and ankle boots:

  1. Keep your horse riding boots, chaps and ankle boots in tip-top condition by cleaning them regularly - ideally after each use
  2. If your riding boots, chaps or ankle boots are muddy, remove the mud with a damp sponge or cloth and let them dry naturally away from strong heat sources (don't leave them next to a radiator)
  3. Wait until dry, then clean them using a good leather cream or shoe polish. You can use leather cleaning products commercially available in shoe shops, or in our Leather care and accessories section you'll find good leather care products that have been tried and tested by us
  4. After applying the leather cream or polish, wait 5-10 minutes until absorbed and then vigorously brush the boots with a soft brush until they feel smooth and the leather shines. 
  5. You can keep zips clean by scrubbing them with an old toothbrush or using a compressed air cleaning gun. This will help to avoid the build-up of grease and sweat.
  6. To achieve an even shinier effect (like a military style) you can use a wax based polish; we recommend using wax polish occasionally as doing so each time will build up a layer on top of your boots.

Read our blog for more tips on how to clean equestrian riding boots

These simple steps will help you care for your leather riding bootsleather chaps and ankle boots and keep them looking and performing at their best for longer.

1. We recommend cleaning your boots after every single use following the steps above

2. Ideally for longevity, we recommend the use of Bespoke Boot Trees

3. Store your boots somewhere dry, preferably at room temperature, to help prevent them getting mouldy

4. Change out of your boots after you've ridden so you're not walking around in them or wearing them to turn your horse back out in the field. Remember, riding boots are designed for riding, so use them for the purpose they are made for

5. Allow your boots to dry naturally after cleaning, rather than using artificial heat to speed up the process. If they are forced to dry too quickly, the leather is more likely to crack.

For horse riding boot repairs/alterations please contact the Equiclass team so we can advise you on where to send them. Please note, when sending your boots off for repair, they must be clean otherwise the cobbler will reject them and they will be returned to you at your cost.


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