How to clean leather riding boots


Good care of your leather riding boots is absolutely vital in order to keep them in top condition; if you look after your boots they will last longer!

Follow these simple steps on how to clean leather horse riding boots:

  • Always clean your horse riding boots after each use
  • Never leave your riding boots muddy
  • To clean simply remove the dirt using a damp sponge; wait until the leather dries naturally (never put damp boots next to a radiator - this will make the leather too dry and eventually it will crack)
  • Polish the riding boots regularly with normal shoe polish and keep the leather nourished using a good leather cream
  • Avoid using saddle soap or saddle cream on boots. These are too greasy for calfskin and will be damaging to the leather over time
  • Keep your boots in boot trees, ideally bespoke wooden trees; this will prolong the life of the boots and will keep them in shape over a long period of time
  • Ask Equiclass for riding boot trees when you buy your boots, as they are individually made-to-measure for your boots.
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