New Website


This is very exciting and we have really looked forward to completing our new website, so we hope you will enjoy buying your riding boots online today!

We have a new selection of beautiful long riding boots online which you will love. You can buy our riding boots in our standard sizes or choose to design your riding boots online.

With each pair of handmade leather riding boots, we offer a choice of stunning leathers and top combinations!

The new range is available with a good selection of leg height, calf width and foot combinations, so they fit a variety of different leg types. The beauty of these new boots is not only in the look, they have been made with top quality materials to offer you the same quality as if you had a full made-to-measure boots.

Within this range you can chose from soft calfskin, Buffalo and even to have the strongest Carbon Fibre inner leg, for the more demanding use!

The tops selection include Swarovski crystals, patent leathers and crocodile leather. There is an elastic behind the zip that offers not only more flexibility and comfort but also helps to mould these beautiful boots to your legs!

We hope you enjoy our new website, we have been very excited to see it developing ... Enjoy!




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