Blue leather riding boots


Handmade blue leather riding boots from Equiclass

"Blue Boots – A Day to Remember"

Anticipation was killing me. Hearing that the parcel I had been expecting from Equiclass was waiting for me at home, the day couldn’t go quick enough. I got off the bus and raced towards the house, bursting through the door breathless. I looked around and I saw the box waiting for me on the side. I had waited for this day for so long and they were finally here!

Handmade blue leather riding boots from Equiclass. Lifting the lid from the box, I took a deep breath and the rich sent of quality Italian leather flooded my nostrils. Carefully peeling pack the tissue paper, I took a moment to admire them, perfect and pristine, never worn before. Navy blue patent, so dark it could be mistaken for black shone back up at my adoring eyes. I reached out a hand to stroke the perfect smooth leather as if under a spell, beautiful! I watched the precious crystals sparkle in their anaconda trim as I lifted one boot from the box catching the sunlight and I fell in love with them all over again.

I couldn’t wait to try them on and I wasn’t disappointed. These are made-to-measure boots, handmade to order in Italy, and I’d been measured perfectly by Gina from Equiclass at Bramham Horse Trials. The foot fitted like a glove, the zip pulled up with just the right amount of tension and they felt blissful, but oh my goodness how amazing they looked. I couldn’t wait for my first chance to wear them in competition, we were going to look so sassy!!!

By Alanna Clarke

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